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Did a series of renders and only changed sun settings...


Another one...


The last one...(?)

Lady of the Lake

All are very nice but my fav is the first one.



1 and 3. The light in #3 is superb


Tetons_v38c.jpg is my favorite, though I like the first too. It's an incredibly gorgeous scene and very well framed. But a couple of things don't look quite right to me at the same time. I hope you don't mind the critique, all three of these have tremendous potential, and it's clearly taken a lot of skill to even get here. :) With that in mind:

In the first image what stood out to me most was the water (river, or lake? looks too big to be Snake River, but I'm not aware of a lake with this perspective either?). It either looks too patchy, the patch edges are too sharp, or the patches are too rough/reflective, or... something. The water just doesn't look right to me, in all 3 to varying degrees. Hard to say without a reference shot from that location. Are you working from specific reference? This is the patchiest photo I found of the area:

The second thing is the rock of the mountains just look too smooth, like minimal or no displacement detail was added on top of the (presumably quite high resolution) DEM. It may be tough to get realistic displacement shapes but I think it would help realism a good deal, especially in that 2nd/middle image.

Looking forward to seeing if you evolve these.

- Oshyan


Beautiful light on those mountains, that's for sure, especiallly 2 & 3. I agree with Oshyan about the patchiness; at first glance it looks like very big waves, so I'd reduce that indeed. And another thing that I find distracting, but maybe/likely is reality if this is an actual location, is the very hard and straight line of dark trees angling towards the right.


I have spent many days canoeing big white water rivers and in their calmer moments they can have these big waves- but! artistically I prefer a calmer flatter water.

Jo Kariboo

Beautiful mountain shape. I find at right the demarcation of the trees too black and very opaque. Personally, I would like more details. I really like the light on the rest of the image in all three versions.


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Love the light on the snow in 2, and 1 is nice as well, but 3 seems too dark on my monitor.
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I like the second and third the best. Beautiful lighting.

- Terje
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The lighting possibilities of the new render enhancements are really exciting. Three beautiful examples here, all are quite lovely and to pick a favorite would only slight the other two. Great work Martin!


Love the Tetons, couldn't have chosen a much better subject for a render! I think all versions are good, but I lean towards the last one.