Autumn along Red Bluff Creek

Started by zaxxon, December 10, 2018, 01:17:29 pm

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While this isn't possible in TG at present, here's a link to a wind test and seasonal transformation using the Oak Tree assets:

Maybe someday.  :)


Wow, lovely render and amazing video. The level of realism is astounding, each leaf moves independently and I don't see any repetition.


Oh wow! -- Oh Double WOW!

Absolutely convincing - never seen something so realistic!
But on the other side also absolutely unaffordable if you don't have exactly defined needs and usage times (software + library 2500 $ per year!)

If I had unlimited leisure time I would give it a try (to check if it is possible to export obj-sequences for TG ;) - that could work at least somehow via the assured compatibility with blender)
But at the moment I would risk renting it without using it... cheapest option at loss: 200$


Or... $19 a month (cancellable in any given month) for use with free Unreal 4 (or $19 per month for free Unity or free with Lumberyard). You get the ST 7 & ST 8 modeler that is identical to ST Cinema 8, but with export limited to the Game Engine. Then after learning the program and building your assets (or purchasing and modifying base foliage assets) create however many variants of each species you like, then switch to the $200 for 3 months and export like crazy. That's my current plan.

Export as individual meshes using wind effects isn't really practical, but ST provides a couple of different formats to export the wind functions. Of course all the above game engines read those formats and the export into those engines is pretty simple. A great way to test  the assets.  I know there has been some past interest in importing wind motion thru the MDD format into TG, but I have no idea where that sits with Planetside's current roadmap.


We have MDD working but with the limitation that normals aren't calculated properly. We might release it with v4.4 with that caveat.
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