Add subtopics to forum!

Started by tonyfarley, December 31, 2006, 12:43:23 PM

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We need subtopics within the forum categories.  When you go into General|Terragen 2 you get seven pages of stuff to look through to find something.  I'm thinking Rendering, surface, clouds, atmosphere, animation, plugins, water, sun, you get the picture.



No matter how many categories we create over time there will always be "pages of stuff to look through". Adding additional sections is not a bad idea, but it does mean additional moderation (making sure things are put in the right place), fragmentation for those who want to read everything, and the possibility that someone will miss something because they don't know precisely what area it involves.

We are always considering changes to the structure where they make sense and your request will be taken into account. For now I recommend using the Search function.

- Oshyan