GTX 1080 or QUADRO ?

Started by iaminonsiner, February 04, 2019, 01:17:59 pm

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Quick question, I have the opportunity to change my GTX 1080 8GB for a Quadro P5000 16GB, is it interesting to use Terragen ?

Or is the difference really not very noticeable?

If Quadro is better, what gain can I expect?

Thank you and have a nice day !


TG is not rendering with GPUs. Using only CPU.
Thus the quadro will change nothing.
Dell T5500 with Dual Hexa Xeon CPU 3Ghz, 32Gb ram, GTX 1080
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If your question is about performance only in Terragen, it should make little to no difference. They both use the same base GPU chip, and Terragen's OpenGL use does not require tons of memory, so 8GB is fine. Rendering in Terragen does not use the GPU at all at this time, though it may in the future at some point.

For applications that do use the GPU for rendering, both of these cards would probably perform similarly until/unless you had a scene that needed more than 8GB of RAM, and then the Quadro would be better. There are a *very few* specific applications that will perform better with a Quadro entirely due to driver differences, but this is mostly CAD applications. You can find some tests here:

- Oshyan


Than guys, I stay on my 1080 for the moment.