Animation panel window possible bug but not able to replicate

Started by Kadri, February 07, 2019, 01:41:46 am

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Like the affinity problem, i have seen since months maybe over 1-2 years, sometimes (it is rare) another problem,
that freezes Terragen and i have to shut it down from the task manager.

It happens in the animation panel window. I think there were always x,y and z animated channels together from a node
and it happened always on one of them when i  double clicked on the channel on the left side.
For example it was always the X channel but not the other two that freezes Terragen.
And when it happened it happened all the time when you did the same action for the duration of that season and probably windows season too.

I tried more then ones to get an example to send for support but i could not replicate it.
Even the file that looked problematic worked after a while without problem.

Whenever it happened it was so persistent and always the same channel, that i saved the project before touching the animation panel window at all.

I think it happened mostly after long open Terragen seasons.

I just write here to get attention if anyone saw-sees something similar.