Dreaming About The Celestial Mountain

Started by Dune, March 12, 2019, 02:33:37 am

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Something I have been working on for an Irish sculptor, Agnes Conway (http://www.agnesconway.com/).

The stepped hill (which has an intriguing story behind it) is devoid of trees or shrub (6), but quoting Agnes: ".....and it's been agreed that they'll plant native trees and shrubs on the sloping sides of the upward paths, so that those trees and shrubs will eventually form a tunnel that you walk through, following the path around and around.  From the park, it will hopefully just look like a heavily-wooded hillock." 


Very happy with how this is looking  :) 

This is the real thing on google satellite https://www.google.com/maps/@53.2700795,-6.2760678,110m/data=!3m1!1e3

The head is cast in concrete.  460cm (15ft) in length


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Intriguing and moody. The ground fog works well with the shape of the hill and the trees. Very nice.


Nicely done, would love to hear the story behind the stepped ground.

j meyer

 8) Artistically interesting project and nice renderings.

Would like to see the face as close up, if possible.
And what about the original sculpt, real or CG?


Real concrete! I'll do a head one, for the fun of it.


Wow, what a cool project to be involved with! Nice work.

- Oshyan


I love how this has developed.  Not as keen on ground-fog as other posters though  ;D

Quote from: j meyer on March 12, 2019, 01:19:26 pm
8) Artistically interesting project and nice renderings.

Would like to see the face as close up, if possible.

That would be just about impossible  :(  A cg face can pass, hidden in the trees or mist at a distance, but I don't think it would work close up.  Maybe, though...don't know....

Here's a close-up of the real thing when it had just been put into position. 


Given more time, the head could be made more like the original sculpt. This was just the female DAZ, eyes closed and some Lightwave and ZBrushwork. Not exact, but works.


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That looks more accurate than I expected.

Edit to add:
Though you hit the same snag that I did when making it originally, that the forehead became too large.  I had to tilt the head sharply, raise the chin to sink the forehead into the ground.  I've asked for the planting to start right at the forehead and merge into the trees to make it look a bit less bald  ;D


Outch... I missunderstood some things here!
Now I saw and recognized the differences between render and original.
Anyway both impressive!

Is it an option to do a 3D scan of the original for Ulco? Or is it anyway the challenge to manually model the sculpture?