Terrain design with Machine Learning in Houdini

Started by zaxxon, March 12, 2019, 08:09:33 pm

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Houdini 17.5 is set to launch this month and the  trailer showed some very impressive new features (as always). Using Machine Learning with an image based comparison set-up from within Houdini; using USGS data as training content, comparing that to simple relief lines: Sidefx has created an application to draw basic lines that then are quickly displayed as high detail terrain contours and natural erosions. The attached screen shot occurs at 1:09:30, the segment showing the real time drawing starts at 1:09:07, the beginning of the Machine Learning section starts at 55:09.  Amazing stuff to say the least.



I've been thinking about this for at least 5 years. Glad someone is doing it at last, yet sad it's only in an extremely complex app like Houdini. I love many things about SideFX and Houdini, and their pace of development is incredible. I know Houdini is not opaque, there are tons of training materials, it's node-based like Terragen, etc. Yet... I just find it daunting. Not to mention for terrain-specific interests it's just overkill. Still, I'm glad they're innovating.

- Oshyan


One of many of their developers is Brain Sharpe he worked heavily with Doc on Mojoworld, I am sure we will see some amazing features in the future. Its nice they offer a free apprentice version as well.However that application is super complex as Oshyan mentioned, the time is just not there for me