New to terragen need some help please

Started by Jahuntl, March 16, 2019, 11:08:04 am

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I think I found my problem I must be doing something wrong. I copy the coordinates to the location then goto my render camera and paste them but my camera didnt move

Maybe I am pasting them in the wrong place


Remember to update your current render camera view in your 3D preview window.You might have to back away or elevate from ground level camera position with your navigator in 3D preview, then reset render camera again. You may have pasted your camera co ordinates right in the center of mountain and be inside your terrain.  :)


I did reset render camera  but the camera didnt move was still on the new file place


When you Paste the coordinates into a Camera your current view in the 3D preview is "detached" from it and becomes a Perspective view. If you re-select the camera from the 3D Preview camera dropdown you should see the correct view.

Camera movement can be quite fast, it depends on what you are using for movement. I prefer the keyboard+mouse Alt+mouse button approach (covered in the docs). If you are using the camera movement widget in the 3D preview, the control at the bottom adjusts how fast movement is.

Finding specific coordinates can be challenging, it's true. We don't currently have lat/long available for positioning anything other than georeferenced terrain and image files. I would suggest perhaps trying to find the terrain feature you want in a real-world map/terrain view like Google Maps, then see what it looks like from an above/satellite view, and use that to look for a similar area in Terragen.

- Oshyan


thanks yes when I try to put coords in for the camera it only gives 2 spots I withed you could pop the long and lat in for the render camera only thing I found was copying the coords for the entire dem area. I will eventually get it. I dont give up just get frustrated. eventually I will just find a nice terrain somewhere in the mess and go with that. also I keep forgetting the radar stuff for the dems prob also includes under water too which throiws things off when looking for a place