Frosted Glass?

Started by Upon Infinity, March 25, 2019, 11:09:21 pm

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Upon Infinity

Any good method of achieving a frosted / cloudy glass look, where light is transmitted through, but you cannot see clearly through the pane?
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You can add color inside the glass node, or you could add a 10% (or so) grey surface shader, or perhaps an extremely tiny displacement/bump will scatter light so it seems frosted. Something like that.

Upon Infinity

Thanks, Dune, completely forgot about the glass node.  Initial tests are looking promising.  Might need a little perfection, but looks like it will be useful for my purposes.
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Pretty soon Path Tracing will support transparency and frosted glass-type effects will be easier. No need for displacement there, you'll just increase Specular Roughness a good bit and it should give you a nice frosted look.

- Oshyan