Spherical Camera with Objects Doesn't Work

Started by SuddenPlanet, April 03, 2019, 04:39:59 pm

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When can we get the Spherical camera to work properly with the preview windows and Objects?  Also the RTP doesn't work properly with objects when using a Spherical camera.


I'll make sure there are issues in the tracker for these. Not sure on an ETA though.

- Oshyan


Thanks!  I thought I was going insane for 3 hours this morning trying to see and move objects around, switching back and forth between regular preview and RTP and finally I figured out If I used a Perspective Camera I could get some work done.  Being a Skybox Artist though, it would be super valuable to just work directly in 360 for placement and composition etc.

Sorry if I was a little short with my post.  xFrog Customer Support (the lack thereof) has been frustrating me.