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Started by Dune, April 21, 2019, 01:40:46 am

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I revisited an old scene, had to make a few changes in objects (as some were deleted), and rendered in PT. It too 6hours 20mins, and my processors kept so cool I had to check what happened. Seemed processor use (all 8 cores) was only 24-25% all the time. How is that possible? Build was used. Could it have been because it was an old file with some values baked into it?


Very nice, and it really illustrates how actual objects are much better than PBR scans
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something Blue.
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What sometimes help in other Software Packages ist to merge the old scene, all its Shaders, Terrain, ect into an brand new scene.
Give it a try Ulco, will be eager to find out if this works?



Well, I just saw the number threads was still max 2, while now it can be 64. Just tested and it's at 100% CPU use.


Heh, yep that was going to be my first guess as to the problem. And this is a big reason why we recommend using that method of setting the core usage, unless it's really for a one-time/short-term purpose.

- Oshyan


Good to know how to solve a problem like that.

Besides a nice peaceful scene. Like :)