TG4 Professional Render Crop Issues

Started by Aljoscha, May 06, 2019, 11:45:00 AM

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Hi all,

I'm new to Terragen4 and need to render a 25k (25k by 4.5k, don't ask...) image of the sky I've created.
My first attempts to render the image completely made my MacPro (64GB RAM) crash so I tried to crop render it
piece by piece to stitch the parts together when finished.

But after the first two parts were rendered I noticed the image parts differ pretty much in brightness/colour though I didn't change
anything in the scene file but the render region (see attached image file). What am I doing wrong, can anybody help
me with this issue?

Thank you and best regards,


This is almost certainly a Global Illumination (GI) issue. If you did not do so originally, you will need to generate a GI Cache and use it for rendering all crops. Additionally you appear to be using v3 clouds and *may* need to increase the "Cloud GI Quality" from "Still/Medium" to something higher (in the GI settings pop-up). I would try first with just the GI cache though and low AA for a quicker render to see if that fixes it.

- Oshyan


Hi Oshyan,

thank you for the quick and precise reply.
You're right, I've created a GI cache and now no more seams are visible, perfect!
For comparison I've attached another image.