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Started by diverone, May 13, 2019, 07:37:15 pm

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Im trying to render out some nice Earth - Mars images closer to the upper atmosphere etc. How do I keep the map from pinching towards the polars like you see here? Far away it looks good but I can't displace or get any closer. Thanks. I did click translate textures in Planet Object etc.


I think that's a bug that has yet to be overcome...see the attached thread

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In the image map shader, you might want to change the projection from "Through camera" to Spherical and copy your planet's coordinates to the image map shader's center. Seeing as your image map isn't corrected for spherical projection, you'll get pinched landmasses near the poles. TG2's default camera position is near the north pole, move the camera closer to the equator so you don't see the pinched con
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If you are using proper spherical image-maps this shouldn't be a problem.

The simplest solution would be to copy your planets position (the coordinates shown in the planet node, usually, 0, -6.378e+006, 0) to your image map shaders coordinates and make sure you have spherical projection selected.

Alternatively, you could reset your planets position to 0,0,0 and keep the image map shaders coordinates at their default of 0,0,0.

Basically, if the image map coordinates and the planet coordinates match and you have a proper spherical projection image it should work.

That said it is in the nature of geometry that you can't effectively map a plane onto a sphere so there will always be some distortion at the poles. If you can find a polar image map you could cover the poles with a masked plan y projection of just the polar regions.

Finally ... don't sweat what you can't see. Unless you actually need to see a particular region in your shot don't worry if the data is not working there. Just point the camera where the good stuff is and you're good to go.

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