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Started by Aenea, November 14, 2007, 09:13:01 am

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How I currently detected:

Some of you may know the abbey ruin object.
With it comes the textures and I detected that whether I use the brick texture as UV or as Plan Y that the brick pattern is a lot too big for the ruin. As Plan Y WAY too big.

Is there a way I can change that or is there no way to have some influence on that?

Another funny thing I detected is that the pattern is somehow warped...
Any ideas???


Harvey Birdman

Both these problems can be corrected in PoseRay. To change the size of the brick pattern, select the 'Materials' and 'UV' tabs, then enter the desired scaling factors into the 'Scale(U, V)' textboxes. If you leave the 'Remap Method' set to 'None', it'll just scale the existing coordinates.

As for it being warped, that's because the coordinates don't make sense for the building geometry. Again, you can re-map coordinates in PoseRay. To do it properly, though, you may have to regroup the wall polys - you'll need a real modeling program for that.

I have a version of the model that I've reworkd. (Cyphyr had one too, that he made for dhavalmistry. It's in circulation - it may work for you.) If you want I could send it to you.


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You can also do it right in TG2. Just put the texture in an image map shader, set it to UV mapping, Change the scale in the Image map shader to less then 1 and connect it to the default shader color node
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Thanks so much guys.

OgreĀ“s description worked totally nice for me.
I changed it from object UV to through camera and then it was wonderful!

The easiest way is often the best.....