Spotlight settings?

Started by Dune, May 21, 2019, 08:24:20 am

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I can't find any documentation about the spotlight. Does anybody where I can find it?
I have a problem (again) with the spotlight. What do Shape and Aperture do? I figured that Shape was needed to be a bit larger than 0 to get soft shadows, just like in the light source. If it's 0, shadows are hard. But, as soon as I say Shape=0.1, change focus and later get back to it, it's zero again.

j meyer

As far as I know shape 0 gives a circular spot and shape 1 a square spot.
For soft shadows click on the effects tab and you'll see.
Aperture seems to widen or narrow the area that is lit (without moving the spot light).


Soft shadows are calculated from the size of the light source. This is controlled by the "aperture width".

Shape can be either 0 (circle) or 1 (square). I will turn this into dropdown menu for the next version.

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Thanks guys. I will experiment a bit more, but aperture is what I need then. It's a bit distracting though, with the light source having a different naming convention for 'size'.