Airwolf will come!

Started by DocCharly65, May 22, 2019, 06:43:17 am

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FINALLLY... (without the Starfleet Center - that's for later)

The final version of the complete Airwolf Scene.
In this case "final" means I will not touch it again in the next time... I hope... ;D

Also I hope I will not get any copyright trouble because of the music. I did the best I could to mention everybody necessary and to give the hint to the non commercial and non profit character of the film.

I added the comments in English and German in the youtube description so I won't repeat it here again... :)

Just enjoy

j meyer

8)  Bravo Nils,
Very well done!


That is bloody awesome again! What else can I say.


Brilliant! All the little details. I love it so much. As an Airwolf fan I miss only one thing...

We need turbo! Hah. Not to make you do more work or anything though. ;) I already love it, it's fantastic all around. Truly amazing work.

- Oshyan


Thanks all :)

;D ...and good news, Oshyan ;) :  Because there's planned a chase between Airwolf and the doc's shuttle in the jungle I have already two little additions on my todo-/wishlist: The turbo and some little weapon disaster. But for these additions you'll have to be very patient. First I'll go back to the beginning of the film for a while.

At the moment I'm trying to finish the first third of the overall film introducing the duck-danger... means ducks, Klingons (this time mixamo animated), the Death Star, ducks again, the machines planet with the Valkyrie and the Borg Queen with some new mixamo animated headless suits dancing excessively and playing air guitar in the Borgcube... and even more ducks! ;)


Ah, excellent. I can be very patient! :D

- Oshyan