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Started by Dune, May 27, 2019, 01:11:13 am

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Having seen a few beach renders here, I thought I'd have another go at it yesterday.


As I know Ulco :)
Extemporaneously a most beautiful and convincing beach!

(the only strange thing are some of the chrome-like looking stones... I know it should look like wetness but the reflection of the blue sky makes it looking like metal.)

But all in all a very very nice place I wanted to be :)


I added those opaque-icy-crystalline stones for the fun of it, experimenting a bit with glass and default shader....


Very beautifull scene.
I like the subtle debris inside the wet zone and the foam on the water.

There is much to learn here, very nice setup Dune



Gorgeous, Ulco!!! I love it. Nevertheless I'd like to nitpick just a little  ;):
I'd rather leave out the star filter. Somehow it's a bit distracting.
And the areas between the pebbles seem a bit empty and too tidy to my eyes. Maybe some more smaller pebbles here and there, and a bit of stuff washed ashore would add to realism I'd say.


Quote from: Dune on May 27, 2019, 04:31:10 am
I added those opaque-icy-crystalline stones for the fun of it, experimenting a bit with glass and default shader....

Well the experiment worked, just as noted a wee bit out of place...but an awesome beach none the less...
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Actually I was thinking about sharing this setup for newbies an noobs (and the occasional pro  :P), as there are probably some things to learn from it. As usual it started out very simple, didn't even make real beaches, but picked an area in the default scene (less displaced though).
There's the method to get foam at shores, method for breaking up the sand/soil area upbeach, method for getting those stones, and the wet sand, etc. I'll upload to NWDA, to get some potential customers there too  ;)

But I'm not going to change stuff, Hannes, it was just a doodle on my free Sunday.


Please, please remove the glass shader if you do share it Ulco. It will just increase render time and confuse people if it's included by default.

- Oshyan


Hope you do share - beautifully done!


Would love to explore the node work of the beach to implement it into my Lake Tahoe scenery.
Please share the file if possible.



It's already at NWDA, but I believe I didn't even keep the glass shader, but used a reflective shader (not even RT I think). Danny will post soon, I guess.


Agree with others - the "jewel glitter" doesn't quite fit this image. Otherwise a clever, well balanced setting. :)
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At first I had some clumps of gold scattered between the rocks, but you know how it works; you change this and that and end up with something completely different.
Anyway, you guys can change anything you want after getting the file at NWDA. Just this morning I added some notes for better understanding of my node use.


Which one is it at NWDA? There are several beaches by you.


Just buy them all  ;D ;D ;D

No, Danny will probably make an anouncement, once it's on.