A Silent Hill - Interpretation

Started by DocCharly65, May 29, 2019, 03:57:33 am

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After almost 2 months rendertime and almost 3 years development (the fog was an ugly thing to generate  ::) ;) ),  I am happy that all what I wanted came out as I wanted :)

... ok ... I had to repair one thing: The dirt on the car glass is projected via alpha mask.
I forgot to merge it into the glass nodes like i do with e.g. monitors or huds. So I rendered only the glass and green-screened it transparent onto the original.
It's only because I noticed it at the end. After render times of 2.5 h  per frame on my fast 12-core i7 I was just too lazy to re-render and chose one little cheat - please forgive me! :)

But I hope you agree, that I could reproduce a kind of the game ambience (with the help of the song "Silent Hill 2 - True (MIDI Cover) by TELESTIC on YouTube")
The part will be very late again in the whole film so In this case again a not official listed Preview Teaser only via this link:


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very, very nice, I guess the render times would have been a lot more reasonable without the atmos.

p.s - was this path traced?


Thanks :)

Yepp -  the layers of clouds were hard to render - but even more hard to get them at the right place and settings for the wished effect.

No PT - I am stil o 4.1.24. My maintenance period expired so I would have to do a maintenance renewal but I also think about waiting for some special new features to do a complete upgrade or a subsription... I am undecided at the moment. So far I am happy with my prof edition.


I agree with very nice and the random light blinks add realism as well as spookyness....
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This is really cool, the fog definitely looks good. Curious, are you using v3 or v2?