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Started by CredePendrel, June 09, 2019, 03:29:16 pm

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Just a collection of weekend renderings. Playing with Clips collected from the File Sharing Section; testing out populations and using the displacement shader to break up the objects. I am having a hard time getting the scene lighting correct. I will just have to keep at it.


I think these are looking very promising. I especially like the 1st one, with the misty look to it.

- Oshyan


nice group, I like Field 7  best
something borrowed,
something Blue.
Ring out the Old.
Bring in the New
Bobby Stahr, Paracosmologist


Thanks guys, I am really feeling it now. Like I said I'm playing around with options. The big mountain in the back came from Gaea and the Atmosphere was from a clip I sourced on the forums. One thing I want to add is more terrain on either side of the main mountain, currently the terrain is  flat. I have another mountain range height-map from Gaea ready to go that I hope to get to this evening.

I am completely open to suggestions on other things to add...I wanted to try the Hero Rock from WASasquatch but every time I add it to the scene and do a render the background mountain disappears. My node network is a mess...so maybe I will post the project file instead in case anyone is willing to take a look.


Running out of techniques and assets on this one. Going to start again. Added a population of poppies for a splash of colour; but this also maxed out my populations with the free version. I also would be really interested in hearing some advice about the Hero Rock Shader and why it effects my terrain in such a negative way.

I really want to start working on some aerial scenes like Dune's "Neolithic Settlement on Vlaardingen Creek" and Nature Development by Velhorst" but I think they will be too taxing on my system and the free community version. Small steps!

Dune's Website ---> https://gallery.ulco-art.nl/?page_id=162


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First of all, try working in an orderly way! Organize your nodes into groups, at least have them lining up nicely, instead of making such a mess. Especially when having a few hundred nodes, it is paramount to have some structure. And give your nodes unique and describing names, so you can later easily recognize what certain nodes do. I often write (very) brief sentences in the node name, or even why it cannot have smoothing on, or what range of values are good, e.g.
Maybe the thing with the hero rock is the smoothing of surrounding area (masked out by a simple shape or so. I don't know the file, but that seems logical. So, then if you place the rock in line, and it smooths out all except the rock area, the mountain will disappear. Try adding a compute terrain after the mountain and before the hero rock, or at least a 'tex coords from XYZ' shader (which kind of freezes displacement before it).

On the aerial view thing; you can try if it works on your machine. Doesn't need to be very taxing at all. The main thing is making a good number of masks in Photoshop (greyscale 8-bit of good enough resolution), and masking a line of surface shaders with them, each with their own set of (procedural) textures. And also masks for objects like trees, and shrub, etc.


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Once again thanks for your advice, I appreciate you taking the time to response so thoughtfully. I will clean up the node network this evening after work and add some notes.I also will take a look at your advice about the Hero rock then too. Something I have been trying to figure out, and you mentioned it in your Nature Development thread Dune is about applying textures as materials/shaders. I am pretty sure that in this post https://planetside.co.uk/forums/index.php/topic,26589.0.html there is some kind of (possibly seamless) textures like this https://www.textures.com/download/soilrough0068/34587 but am unsure how to go about it. I have used a texture I created in world machine and successfully attached it my terrain using an Image Shader. Is the workflow for ground textures the same? Is there a good example project in the NWDA store (paid is fine) that showcases this process that I can try and reverse engineer? I really like the look of "Dune's River Preset".


Yes, I think he used an image map. You have to set it to repeat and have an appropriate displacement image too. But you have to take care it doesn't repete itself too often, so you have to mix it with other textures, either image based or procedural. Or cover it by objects partly.
I think the river preset has some nice procedural textures you can analyze, but I'm sure there are other tgd files to be found too. Workflow is sort of the same, but with procedural you're adding displacement and color through fractals instead of image maps.
If you're new to TG it's good to start with a simple setup. Not even a terrain is needed, just start from the base color node an unhook earlier stuff for the time being. Add a surface shader after the base color and add power fractal to it's child input, see what happens when you change parameters, like in colors and displacement tabs. Then mix in another, etc. Start simple and you'll get the hang of all the tools available. Better than just adding clipfiles by others, as those are often very specific for certain setups. You have to understand them first in order to use them rightly.