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Started by CredePendrel, June 19, 2019, 08:13:41 pm

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Trying something new instead of just grass and trees. This time the terrain and 8k texture were created in World Machine and brought into Terragen.  Next, I am going to just bring in the height-field and recreate the texture solely in Terragen and see what kind of results I can get.


Dell T5500 with Dual Hexa Xeon CPU 3Ghz, 32Gb ram
Amiga 1200 8Mb ram, 8Gb ssd


Here is my first crack at the Snowy Mountain using Terragen Shaders. I am actually impressed, I think it looks pretty close to the World Machine texture already!


Really nice mountain, I like the level of detail in it. I'd say the only thing standing out is the straight strata layers.
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They bug me too but they certainly do exist in nature.


Thanks guys. I will render out a new world machine version with less terraces and see how it compares.