De-lighting and texture tool for those making their own textures

Started by Oshyan, June 27, 2019, 06:07:09 pm

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Hey all, I just ran across this and thought some of you making your own plant models, etc. might find it useful. It's an online service and the free aspect is limited, but might be useful/good enough to be worth paying a little for:
Haven't tested it myself though. :D

- Oshyan


I remember this appearing years ago, then disappearing pretty quickly.

Looks great if it works well on the first go, would hate to have to do and redo this on an online cloud service even though it's a dollar a pop.

You really do have to photograph your own textures with this with a good raw capable camera, so exotic flora are out unless you happen to live near them  :)

The new Agisoft software looks more interesting which has a similar function, bet you could get some really great tree models with that. (Actually, thinking about it - you'd get great bark textures and models, leaves might be a problem though).


The coming soon bulk options look like that may be something to invest in.

The idea behind human-aided definition of light and dark areas sounds promising. Many software features for removing shadows and highlights seems mostly automatic, even in expensive software.

I am digging this, thanks for the share, as because of the above noted, I am often having to do manual editing for awhile after basic de-lighting (boundaries seem to be a hassle for most these generators). Since I'm not making too many, and they often have specific uses, this will be nice.