Some (pretty decent) reeds

Started by N-drju, August 06, 2019, 02:28:03 pm

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I have improved and optimized the common reed plants that I experimented with some time ago. I think they are ready to face broader audience...

The top part of the plant with little "feather dusters" is rather shabby, so I do not recommend usage in any close-up renders (say, less than 10 meters). Otherwise than that, these models are pretty good and hi-poly.

Due to size, I am making this set available through Dropbox, so please let me know if you encounter any problems:

Enjoy and let me think what you know... or the other way round. :D
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Thanks for the generous share N-drju! I'm downloading now (and archived to my drive) and going to take a look. I'll come back with an example image.
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Downloaded fine for me! Will have to wait till I'm home to try it out though, Thanks for the share.



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thanks, and REEDme heh heh...I have been wishing folks would include this in shared files so once extracted I'd have some idea who they were from so thanks for that as well
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Thank you for your share