Path Traced Gaea Mountain

Started by mhaze, August 13, 2019, 12:08:52 pm

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Foreground HF from Gaea, Background TG, trees XFrog and bushes me.  Path traced, there is some noise in sky but otherwise very detailed and clean render. I added some square noise and columnar noise to the Gaea HF and a hint of strata

AA 8 MPD 0.5.  Exaggerate surface details off, robust sampling on. Pixeal samples 1/64
Render time 4hrs 8 mins.HE_v3_0019.jpg


Nice! I think PT probably makes some difference here, in the lower-right for example where the trees are more dense, and perhaps in the shadowed area of the mountain. 

The noise in the clouds could probably be improved without a huge render time increase by raising Voxel Scatter Quality to e.g. 200 (in GI in Clouds tab of GI settings).

- Oshyan


That crisp highlight could probably be attributed to PT from tests I've done. 

I love the shape of the mountain. I wonder how a 1k test would fair in TG. I have yet to try new rereleased update. Cant wait for 4k to be reintroduced as I missed out on that and 1k internal limitations is just too hard to judge any features real quality or effect.
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this is 4k output from gaea. sorry no caps just had op on left hand


thanks for the cloud advice, oshyan. very handy will have to remember that.