Started by ShadoFyre, November 20, 2007, 03:57:52 am

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Is there a way to import settings from Terragen For example, atm,water,
and terrain settings. If so, how? Also, how do I create chain files? I have, literally, thousands of picture files created with the older version ( ), and want to add these landscaping features to this newer version ( Terragen2 Technology Preview. ).
Thanks, in advance, for any help sent.


I don't think there is an import path for such things (I haven't seen one) (Though an official Planetside response would be needed on this) due to TG2 been a total (Ground-Up) re-write of TG2 and thus things working differently from 0.9.43 you are not the only artist I am sure who'd like to use existing assets.

Regards to you.



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I think it would be very useful to load a .ter-file into TG2TP and create a camera at the exact position where it was in a TG0.9 file to recreate an old scene with the same view.


The only files that Terragen 2 can import from older Terragen files are the .ter (Terrains) Terragen 2 will not read .atm (Atmospheres) .tgw (World Files) nor .srf (Surface) files. It was mentioned some time back that there might be a small possibility that Terragen 2 some day may be able to import .atm files but that they will not be able to be read exactly the same way due to Terragen 2's global atmosphere engine and additional enhancements.


Many thanks to you and all others who have taken the time and effort to help me!!
While the learning curve seems to be much steeper than that of Terragen, the results, from the sample pix I've seen are Impressive.
Again, thank all of you.


As others have stated the .ter terrain format is still supported from TG 0.9, but no other proprietary file formats from Terragen 0.9 can be re-used. Due to the significant changes in scene construction, rendering and overall capabilities in TG2 it makes sense to simply rebuild your scenes and take advantage of the new capabilities. The most significant part of a scene is generally the terrain, which can be reused. Surface mapping is so much more capable in TG2, particularly in the area of real 3D displacement, that importing old surface maps would only give you a very basic starting point and much work would probably have to be redone anyway.

- Oshyan