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Started by bigben, November 05, 2007, 05:53:33 pm

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Silly me, i usually don't normally visit ashundar any more but i do need to post there from now on. I am working on 2-3 more.


Clouds are a little higher in this one. Nothing, flash, just seeing how long it would take to render with all the quality settings (Detail, AA and GI) maxed out.

Answer 15 hours. I'll work on a better mask before I try this again  ;)   The extra quality does give a better representation of the image mapped surface, although you don't necessarily have to go this far

Planning an approach to Seattle with a full moon and Mt Rainier on the horizon... but that'll be after I get my NZ project a bit nearer completion.


That is so cool :o
Is the city the only light source in this scene?

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No. There is a faint blue fill light at the zenith to provide a reverse contrast to the city lights  in the clouds (accidentally ticked soft shadows on atmosphere... 75° width.. that would have made the render time unnecessarily longer too), but other than that... it's just the surface.

The first image in this post is only lit by the surface.


If any one is interested, I have some very hi res, maps of the whole planet that can be applied spherically, of the cities lit up. If anyone wants them I could post em up at ashunder but I don't know how large a file they allow and I'd have to dig them up.Worked well in Imagine, as far as I let the 'test render' go and I was aiming for the same effect.
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Without wishing to dampen your generosity, I think planet textures are possibly better linked from their original sources as they may get updated with better versions as time goes on.

There's a 30000x15000 GIF available from NASA which is more than you could currently load into TG.


Love the find, BB.  Thanks!
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Totally tangential to the thread, but... it's not hi-res if it doesn't show my neighbor's manure pile. Amazingly, Google earth does, a fact which is a source of much amusement here.



With that much manure, it might make the city lights image too if the methane ignites  ;)

Harvey Birdman

Now, there's a pretty picture... explosive spontaneous combustion of methane at the bottom of a giant manure pile caused by heat buildup from biological decay... yup. I can see the headlines now. '1 killed, 4 Injured in Natural Gas Explosion'... horse patties flying for hundreds of meters...  oh, yeah.

;D  :D



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That's nothing

If you find my house and I am not telling you which one on the aerial photos at you can see four reclaimed US fire hydrants (Kennedy Valve K81-As), in my garden.  Yes I am in the UK, these were from a US air base in Suffolk.  They have a cap diameter less than 12 inches. 

If you know what you are looking for on that photo you can see why I am called Mr LAMPPOST  ;D

*** EDIT Added *** the photo on Google Earth is at least three years older  ***/EDIT***
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Wow...great work on the city lights.  Very, very nice.  Looks pretty darn real.