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Started by bilbi, August 23, 2019, 06:11:57 pm

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It is maybe a lame question, but there are almost no TG tutorials out there, so... Please help me.
I want to make an animation where 5-6 blocks of clouds evolve in the sky, meaning they are like blown by the wind, animated, but stay in place. (Yes, I could try to use 3d cloud footage, but all that I've found look unrealistic. That is also true for particle clouds, eg. in After Effects-Trapcode). 
I've figured I make different layers for the individual clouds. I've made one cloud, but if I create a new cloud layer (v3) and plug it into the object/planet node, the 1st layer detaches. How can I make a scene, where I have separated blocks of clouds that I can position where I want? Should I use layers or is there another method?
Thank you for helping me.


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All you have to do is plug each cloud node into the left hand "input" of the following cloud node.
Or even simpler is to use the Atmosphere tab along the top of the screen and select add Cloud layer three times from the panel on the left.
Hope that helps

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Thank you, cyphyr!
Yes, I'm that noob, but I'm trying :) .


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Quote from: bilbi on August 24, 2019, 01:09:04 amThank you, cyphyr!
Yes, I'm that noob, but I'm trying :) .
we all were once...there are no stupid questions...
If you want individual control you will of course have to click the Localize box in the Cloud shader settings for each cloud.
Over all size of the clouds can be set there as well before tweaking the Density fractals of the clouds.
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