Tex coord from XYZ

Started by digitalguru, August 24, 2019, 03:09:47 pm

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Hopefully this is a basic question for more experienced TG users :)

I'm using a vector displacement map for a terrain which in parts has very steep vertical sides to it. Trying out some textures and they were very stretched, so I put a Tex Coord from XYZ in before and it fixes it nicely. But the vector displacement feeds into the first compute terrain and Ithought that was supposed to do the job? (along with computing normals etc) Quite happy with the result, just wondering why....
texture stretched:
texture fixed:
node tree:


If the textures coordinates are different between Compute Terrain and Tex Coords From XYZ, I think the difference is caused by the patch size. A smaller patch size should make them more similar. Does that work?
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Yes, taking it down to 0.1 - I did try it before but didn't go that low.


Mmm... taking down the patch size to fix the stretching does strange things to the displacement ( getting cracks in the surface ) - replaced it with a compute nomal and tex coords xyz and that seems to work