Build HSV Colour explained

Started by Hetzen, September 30, 2019, 09:13:08 AM

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As this seems a duplicated topic I guess either of the two is intended to be "Build HSL Colour"?


I'd be very interested in usage scenario's for these Build HSV/L nodes.

It would be nice if we could convert RGB to HSV/L, drive either of the 3 channels with a function and reconvert to RGB.
I think this could allow for very interesting shading results or fancy vectors for displacement. Not sure of the latter though.


Thanks, I've deleted the duplicate. I think it should be HSL as well. Matt has named it Build HSV, V standing for value and not luminence which you'd have thought it should be.

I'll have a think on how you could extract a hue vale from RGB. Perhaps Matt has an idea. You can certainly adjust saturation with an Adjust Saturation Colour node. Wobbling the hue with a fractal could be interesting.