New lunar color maps / heightmaps from NASA

Started by dduane, October 06, 2019, 08:38:57 am

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For those who might be interested: NASA has released a set of "color and elevation maps [that] are designed for use in 3D rendering software". The material has been assembled from Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter images and laser altimeter data.

The Moon CGI kit is here: (and the blog post about their assembly of this data is here:

The color map comes as .TIF files in a variety of sizes up to 27360x13680px; the displacement map / height map at 64, 16 and 4 pixels/degree, the biggest of these coming in at 23040x11520px. (My rendering machine is whimpering softly at the thought of being asked to handle a file that big, but I bet it won't bother a lot of you.) ;D

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Ariel DK

Thank you very much! this is how looks loaded in TG...
Hmmm, what version of Terragen does God use?


Thank you very much for the links to this! Good find.
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