Size of UV map in image shader?

Started by Dune, November 05, 2019, 01:43:59 am

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What if I have a non-square image map that is used for continuous texturing? If I set UV in the image map, the size jumps to a square 1:1. Will it be distorted, should I resize? Or is that normal behavior.... or a small bug?
In attached image I manually resized, btw.


It depends on what your object's UV coordinates are. If your UV coordinates are scaled squarely but you want to texture it with a non-square image, then your shader should do the scaling. But if your UV coordinates are already adjusted to map a square image in a non-square way, then your shader should be 1,1.
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Thanks for your speedy reply. My mapping occurs on a square basis, but goes outside the UV boundaries, so I figure from your explanation that I need to adjust the scaling (as I did above), and maybe even set to repeat. I will test it, to be sure.