How to let Lady Croft visit the toilet on the Enterprise

Started by DocCharly65, November 06, 2019, 03:02:58 am

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the real  challenge was to get the tail moved... The Mixamo hanging and climbing animation is ok but there was no skeleton for the hairtail so it looked ... strange...

Some studies and a real challenge (for me  ;)  ):
How to extend the original Mixamo armature in Blender3D to get that tail moved a bit.
Fortunately the Hair was seperated as single object so I could find a way.

A bit more realistic - not perfect but I hope this is ok enough now... Mr. Spock is fascinated anyway ;)




Jepp! It's from the original Tomb Raider games... I Hope that short pieces make no difference for copyright specialists :)



j meyer


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Some of the latest news prompted me to revise my film script. I now know better who the enemy is! And there are new heroes ... little inconspicuous heroes - but hopefully lovable ...
I thought it's predestined for exactly this scene ;)


Animations coming soon.
I guess I'll revise some of my plans and offer a new "official teaser" soon on YT.

...a brief view of a accomplices of the antagonist:


...and you can even identify his sin!
The Showcase with Toilet paper is by flamenezo on CGTrader

Don't panic... I have a quite clear concept, what all this has to do with the big space-duck-bubble... ;D


Well, it seems a good thing has come out of the crisis :) :D


Thanks Ulco :)

I sometimes feel so infinitely angry and helpless about the behavior of some ... but don't we hobbyists and artists have our own weapons? ;)

A bit off topic here but not very much... it belongs indirectly to this scene. A little hint where all the toilet paper could be hidden... it was a sudden idea to convert and insert one more of those unforgettable scenes of "Matrix" into the film :)


It's rendered in some different layers. Not so easy but seems to work.
None of the objects should have shadows on the floor.
The showcases with toilet paper needed to be motion blurred so I used two pops of showcases and a moving cam.
The Animated persons should be sharp so I used a cam only moved in height and angle.
But to avoid black or white borders around the persons I added the pops and moved them wit exactly the path of the camera.

First I tried an absolutely shadowless look without lightsources and only a big illuminated but invisable plane. It worked but was not convincing so I changed to 4 suns with 45 degree elevation and quite soft shadow. Surely there are more professional and elegant ways but for a hobby project I hope it's good enough :)


Ariel DK

There is a Hugo Weaving 3d model out there?! I don't know where i gonna use it, but i need him!!!  ;D
Hmmm, what version of Terragen does God use?


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Thanks all :)

Ariel if you really want, I can post at least the original files a friend in the forum converted for me. The original was from the old source TF3DM.
But the ones I use in the renders are only a construct ;) from the original face combined with later purchased bodies from Renderpeople, Turbosquid and CGTrader, because the original body is quit crap...  :P ???

A little bit proud I am of my Hugo-RedSkull I made from the same original plus a later purchased "German Wehrmacht_Uniform". I replaced all swastikas by Hydra symbols. For the Teaser 1-2 seconds animation should be enough, I think :)

Animation RedSkull Corona - RAW Test Rendered 720p.mp4

For the other Hugo's I used a renderpeople body, from which I deleted the head. Actually the original RP body was wearing a vest but I colored the shirt sleeves black so that it looks like he is wearing a jacket in the animation.

Besides... is there anybody again who'd like to help me with a new model I can't get converted because neither CGTrader nor the artist answer to my official conversion request. Hope they don't have corona trouble...
I got a C4D and a MAX version I can work with fbx, blender and obj of course. My favorite online converter doesn't work with C4D and MAX.

Is there someone to help, please? ...again  ::) :D

Ariel DK

Sorry the delay Doc..

If the original author is agree, i would be happy to try with the original model :)
BTW, who is it?
Hmmm, what version of Terragen does God use?