Started by Dune, November 21, 2019, 02:26:39 am

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I took my initial underwater test a little further, added some stuff like a tiny rock pop, an unfortunate guy, low cloud for murk, and some not too great grasses. Set DOF, increased RDM to 0.75, and set soft shadows to 0.6 and 1 sample. Trout by Doug Campbell.


You have a dark sense of humor. 😄 Love the debris and murk though, looks great!

- Oshyan


Oh! It took me a moment to recognize the hands! :o Quite unfortunate.

I'm not sure why, this scene reminds me of Terragen back in 2009-2012 days.


Yes, well, the guy has been lifted out of the water in the meantime ;)
Two more tests. I found that the sky was a bit dark when viewed from underwater, and really don't know if that's realistic. I was hoping to get strong local light, and darkness and reflections further away, but didn't succeed so far. So in number one I lighted up the sky. Even tried a white surface shader on the water with a distance shader, which has an interesting effect, but not realistic.
In the second one I tried my way of getting refracted light onto the lake bottom and fish (thin, but thick cloud and 2 suns; one blue, one yellow), but as the water area is so close to the fish and camera, that's kind of hard. The cloud (though only secondary) is reflected (secondary) in the water, as you can see. If it's above, it'll do shadows on the water, which isn't what is needed either.
Tried a plane with a opacity shadow mask (voronoi warped), but even with no opacity it darkens the whole lot. And without the plane doing shadows it has no meaning.
So, question; is there any way to make a mask (slighly under or above water) to get these patches of shadow across everything underwater? Any ideas are welcome.

Oh, made a quick water boatman to venture across the murk.


What a funny idea with those hands ;D

In fact very creative and beautiful underwater tests!


After this trying a card for better reflections.


I can't seem to get the above water stuff to get refracted with the water in the latest tests. Probably forgetting something.
Water shader needs to be double, but does an imported plane need to be, or a card? Do we have to set force displacement or default? Do we have to rotate a card or imported plane if it's double-sided anyway? Or set decay really to minus? Maybe I'm not awake yet, but all these variables dazzle me.
I just want distorted reflection (of underwater stuff), and distorted land stuff, and the reflection to be 100% in dark parts of above-water stuff. But can't get it to work.
Any help appreciated.


Another set of tests and a working file for any of you (few) interested in experimenting. Distortion is working but I'm still not satisfied about the strength of the reflection. Setting reflection tint to a number larger than 1 seems to be the only way.
Card is out of the question, it has to be a plane, afaik.


Thanks for the interesting compilation.

According to the recommendations made by Matt I would do it as follows: (using TexCoordsFromXYZ)

from below water options test_gasbutan.tgd



here is an example with slightly modified parameters:



Thanks. I will try the card again today, but still would like a real displacable plane to do the same as 'just' bumpmapping a card. And just wonder why there's such a difference.


The card works, luckily. And I now know why I didn't see any blue sky through the water; the angle was just not sufficient.


Wow, great lights.
I like the small bugs...   ;D


Quote from: Dune on November 25, 2019, 09:40:03 amThe card works, luckily. And I now know why I didn't see any blue sky through the water; the angle was just not sufficient.
This works very well...You tempt me to do another underwater scene...maybe I will!
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