South Falklands

Started by Dune, November 30, 2019, 01:58:49 am

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An ordinary scene for a change.




Ulco, nothing you ever do is "ordinary". I always appreciate the little details in your work; the little patches of ice along the shore line, the contours of the underwater topography that implies a continuation of the simple yet effective compositional flow. A subtle and beautiful image.


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I like the ice shelf on the water. Snow mass not being flat is also a wonderful feature here, how did you do it? :) Differential displacement mix?

The only feature I'd change is the shoreline coloration. The beach (?) is so thin it that it looks more like a line, flared-up from nowhere, rather than an aesthetic coastal element.

EDIT: Upon closer inspection I noticed that it is a sea foam. Expand it perhaps?
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Thanks guys. The snow needed to be flatter than this, so it's actually not my deliberate doing. It's displacement intersection-based, but the terrain has been eroded using Daniil's plugin, and thus (?) some areas are apparently not flattened enough. So, not a differential displacement mix.
You have to take into account that it's a huge landscape (see the three humpback whales) and the coastal foam extends 10m or so. With a calmish sea like this I didn't want it much broader.


This is incredibly amazing! I love it. Great sense of scale!


Great Scene which I really like.



Quote from: Dune on November 30, 2019, 01:58:49 amAn ordinary scene for a change.
Ain't nuttin ordinary about your work, more pedestrian in the highest sense, but never ordinary. Nice snow/ice work.
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super cool (pun intended) really like the textural quality of the snow