MPC Vancouver shuts down

Started by cyphyr, December 12, 2019, 06:48:20 am

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Very sad to hear the news today that MPC Vancouver is to shut down effectively immediately.

Their other studios in Montreal, London, Los Angeles and Bangalore are still going strong I believe.

Best of luck to all who worked there is moving on and finding new work.

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Indeed very sad. It's a tough industry. :(

- Oshyan


That's sad to see. Man I can't imagine how expensive it is to run out of Vancouver these days. MGM studios has stopped being used by most television because of timeslot and set storage prices. My old datacenter for my personal sites used to be out of Vancouver. It was nice having servers respond just about as fast as the ridge


Being layed off is always troubling, but when it happens overnight? Man, I feel so sorry for these people, imagine how they are feeling now! :(

This is probably why being a freelancer, while it still comes with a myriad of challenges, is probably better than being involved with a company through a normal work contract. Then at least, you can decide just how much you wish to be involved.

Best of luck to these guys in the New Year.
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