banned, huh?

Started by Dune, January 01, 2020, 02:42:56 am

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Nice surprise for a first visit in 2020. I hope it's not a bad sign :P  Got in after a few tries, though.


That's odd. Did you enter the wrong password at all? Anything else unusual?

- Oshyan


Your timezone may have effected how the server interpreted your account (based on server time). Logging in from another year for example, like the future, and not being smart enough to consider New Years. Been few months since I've had SMF instead and couple more since I was poking around in it, but I believe that's a brute force/spam/bot error where the account username isn't used on purpose.


WAS might well be right, as it may have been 2020 here at that time of (my) morning, but not where the servers sits. Never did anything but hitting login.