Scene scale and the ruler tool

Started by james adamson, January 21, 2020, 04:56:09 am

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james adamson

Hi all.
I have built a scene which has a cliff. The cliff is made from a simple mask attached to a surface layer. The surface layer smoothes and then displaces the area by an offset of 2500. No multiplier.
Then I compute terrain then base colour node and three surface layers providing only surface colour changes. No displacements. Then a surface layer with fake stones as a child.
All looks lovely, so I start to animate my camera. Position 1 is at the top of the cliff, a cliff which is 2500m high (ish.) I move my camera back a couple hundred m
and I am still right on the edge of my cliff. WEIRD! I know scale can be deceptive in Terragen but I thought if my cliff was the right height my fake stones on the top of my cliff all look correct all was good. So I got the ruler and measured a fake stone. 12m. 
And I realise what look like small bumps at the top of my cliff are in fact mountains! 
One thing I left out and I guess this is probably the key. Around my cliff is a mountain range. This is derived from a power fractal with a (feature scale of 5000)
a (lead in of 6257.06) (smallest scale  .13) (Octaves 18) and a displacement of 2000. In my cliff surface layer I have reduced the smoothing to allow some of this
displacement to come through. Is that what is throwing the perception of scale off?

james adamson

SOLVED. Yeah I was being an idiot. It was the main mountain range power fractal that was not entirely removed by the smoothing tab. So the perceived scale was all out with km wide detials being added to the top of my cliff.