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Started by DocCharly65, February 03, 2020, 03:28:52 am

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After a big shopping tour at "" I could solve the problem that the Next Generation protagonists in my film should be a bit younger than Kirk and his staff ;)

Here the first animation test with Captain Janeway and Harry Kim. I found it extremely adorable that Renderpeople offered an animated little boy of Asian origin who just happens to play with a small toy spaceship. ;D

I I had to remap and to change some of the the textures of my Enterprise bridge (which anyway is in reality a voyager bridge ;)  ). I'll add some (... up too many...) toys lying around on the floor. But I already like the friendlier and brighter look of the "Next Generation Bridge", where I can integrate Picard as a youngster.

Janeway was a "MIXAMO re-rigged" Renderpeople model
Harry Kim could be integrated from fbx format quite easy.

Animation Janeway und Harry Kim - RAW Test Rendered LQ - 1280x720.mp4

Jean-Luc Picard was a bit more complicated to be integrated but worked as well (Also a "MIXAMO re-rigged" Renderpeople model)
Here the first action of Jean-Luc Picard before his first advice: "engage" ;) -- only very RAW test to check the size and placement of his body, which is a bit more complicated to adjust.

Animation Janeway und Harry Kim - RAW Test inkl Picard.mp4


Cool! What's the big boy going to do next? Squash his brother's toy 8) :o


Nice. The ground and wall textures look funny.


j meyer

8) ;D Very promising.
Can't wait to see more of this.


Looks great so far. Janeway is my favorite captain after Picard. Loved Voyager, though it was very relatable at my age when it aired.

Harry should have had a field promotion... lol


Love all the animated screens. Such great attention to detail.


Thanks all! :)

At this point the scene is not as important as others. 
Later (approx. in the second part of the film) the "NextGenChildren" will be a little bit more important for the film plot.
Here I only wanted to introduce "my Voyager Crew"

I spent some time to make the Jason-Model from Renderpeople some Vulcan ears without destroying the model and the animation ;) , and now I am a little disappointed that you can almost see nothing from them...
Perhaps I'll add a closeup of "little Tuvok"...  :)

The Jumping Picard (yes it's NOT Tom Paris ;D ) was a little harder than I thought because the height of the jump didn't match the height of the seat. After some experiments I chose a kind of parabolic curve for his y-position beginning with his feat leaving the seat and ending with contacting the floor. 

I also added some toys ... and many, many Pokeballs all over the bridge ;D

Animation Janeway und Harry Kim - Final RAW Test Rendered LQ.mp4


I really love the daycare/school/kids room appeal of the bridge.


Quote from: WAS on February 05, 2020, 02:08:38 pmI really love the daycare/school/kids room appeal of the bridge.
Thanks :) That was the plan ;)


Not long ago I debated with a friend about the above.