about Render layers and elements : does it means that its fastest render ?

Started by eldrmozz, February 21, 2020, 10:08:12 AM

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I'm french so maybe i do not understand very well all technical details.

I'm looking for fastest render : each time i want to see what a changement is doing, all the image is render, that is very long.

The pro terragen 4 version proposes "render layers and element" node.
What i understand is that it offer to render différents part of an image or animation, that i can assembled together later ?
ie : 
1 -i render only "a moutain with its lake"
2 - the follow render is only the clouds. (without the moutain with lake because i've already done it)
3- i render another cloud but different (and render only the clouds...)
4- i try the sun here (and render only the sun)
5 - and the sun here.
And after i can assemblate them together, like layers in Photoshop?

Do the Creative version propose thing like that ?

thanks !