Trigonometry help needed

Started by N-drju, March 01, 2020, 07:32:29 am

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After some weeks of silence, I'm back with a question... addressed to the trig-savvy users, mind you...

I'm working with some patterns and I need to create a 2D wavy circle. I'd like to do it on my own, through a graphing calculator. It seems that, as of recently, drawings of even the most basic geometry figures are subject to copyright and royalties. ::)

Unfortunately, it seems I lack the knowledge regarding how such object can be described through equation.

Do you have any idea how it could be achieved? Please keep in mind - I do not mean how to do it in Terragen. All I ask for, is the mathematical formula (this is why this topic is filed under "Open Discussion").
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I'm not sure whose charging for math formulas but there are plenty of resources to start from online. First result here:


This looks fun:
But I guess you already found that site.

Here is a way to do it in programming:
It`s not a formula you can use but maybe it helps to figure out one by yourself.

My search after "formula for a circle with wavy edge" brought up a lot more promising looking results.

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js and canvas is actually really fun to play with. Some good online IDEs too.