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Started by james adamson, March 02, 2020, 07:47:48 am

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james adamson

Hi all. I have a 250 fm sequence with 4 layers of low level cloud that animate, a very large tree population and some fairly detailed cliff formations and a lake. I have done multiple test renders but am not sure of the best way to optimise my scene.
I have had a look at the forum and I have read a few threads but would like to ask a couple of questions. Should I render a GI cache? How many frames? What gi settings would be optimum for clouds and prepass? I intend to render on Pixel Plow and have uploaded a still of first frame. The background has issues that I will 
deal with in comp so am not too worried about that.
Many thanks in advance.

james adamson

Oh! The camera moves through the scene from this position traveling in z 2.3 kms over the 250 frame shot.


Looks interesting. I am curious about the look of the clouds animation especially.