Lake cast shadows behaviour

Started by Kevin F, April 08, 2020, 08:50:10 AM

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Kevin F

If I enable Cast shadows in the lake object, the lake disappears altogether (and in fact renders without it). If I then disable Cast shadows it still does not reappear. I have to disable the lake and then re-enable it to have it reappear. Is this normal behavior?


I've heard this before. Better use a sphere for a quick remedy. Add a surface shader and use offset to adjust level.


That's strange. I wonder if my procedural caustics file renders, it's with a lake.

And yeah I agree with Dune, a sphere at planets position (set it's position before radius) and at planet radius would be best. You can than just add a surface layer and use the offset under displacement for water level (based on a default level of 0 in relation to the planet without disp)


Would anyone be willing to upload a tgd of this setup?


What setup, the one I mentioned with the sphere?


Yes, basically what you and WAS were describing.  I'm a visual learner, so seeing it in Terragen is easier for me than trying to visualize from the text description.  Thanks!



A little update that you might like.