Materia, Adobe’s AI-driven image-to-material system

Started by René, April 10, 2020, 04:36:06 am

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Huh. Interesting, I don't see any key benefits discussed besides "AI" thrown in there. So far that hasn't been a benefit anywhere else (like upscaling/noise reduction) in my experience, and cuts out areas of tweaking (settings) available in more primitive generators like Topaz Labs new denoise and clean. Very basic, lack of control, old Topax Labs plugins are leagues better. I wonder how to compares to many free alternatives besides organizing and mixing (like Materialize), which Mixer does for free.

Also still upset with Substance selling out to Adobe. Adobe is ruining their software. New Photoshop builds are bloatware more than optimized.


I cannot speak from experience because I have hardly used texture generators. But being able to distinguish between shadows and dark colours can eliminate a lot of difficult retouches. It even seems that the software 'knows' what's in the picture - like grass - and treats it accordingly.


The only thing they don't show is how the software handles tiling; the seams are out of view every time.