Mode sphericall camera ?

Started by bla bla 2, April 10, 2020, 05:29:46 am

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bla bla 2

Bonjour, j'ai un petit problème avec la vue spherical et un terrain en obj.

Quand je fais un rendu les montagnes sont trop loin même si je change de taille du terrain en format obj, comment je peux mettre plus près les montagnes ?


Hello, I have a small problem with the spherical view and a field in obj.

When I render the mountains are too far even if I change the size of the terrain in obj format, how can I put the mountains closer ?

Please, thank you by advanced.


It is not very clear to me what you exactly mean. Are the mountains an obj? If so, just place it closer to the camera. If it's TG generated, you may have to adjust masks or seed to get mountains closer.
Or move your render camera closer to what you want to have in front.

One thing I noticed, if you want to make a spherical image (equirectangular), the render ratio should be 2:1 (so 800x400).


Are the mountains actually to far are you comprehending them too far because of spherical camera warping? It's hard to really get an idea of the problem, as if the mountain is an object you should be able to just drag it close. If your mountain is part of the terrain (farmlands and cities and stuff) I'm not sure how this will be possible without shrinking the whole scale of the scene.

bla bla 2

Hi, I found, i'm used the distance of obejct. But thank you when same.