Hello i am new, some questions.

Started by Nala1977, April 10, 2020, 06:00:29 am

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Quote from: KlausK on April 14, 2020, 09:43:08 pmWas, you can find the "Image File Processor" node in the "Node Palette" under "Tools".

The node allows you to do post processing of images or animation sequences inside of TG.
Using the Render Layers you can output Motion Vector and Depth files together with your *.exr or *.tiff file/sequence and
apply Motion Blur (2D, I think) or some other post processing effects TG offers after rendering out the animation.
This is non-destructive, faster and controllable. And easily repeated with different settings if you don`t like what you get.
That`s about it what I know about the node.

Cheers, Klaus

Ah must be one of the few shaders not in right click. I rarely use node palette. Seems quicker to right-click in where I want the shader in node tree or location in groups.


I would start simple, Nala. If you get hooked (and you will), you can always upgrade.


Quote from: WAS on April 14, 2020, 10:17:50 pmAh must be one of the few shaders not in right click.
It is also in the right click menu: "Create Other".

CHeers, Klaus
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alright here is my first render with the free version, im tryin to get better at shading, so far love the software, even tho on my machine the preview within the software when i start adding some displacement tends to slow down quite a bit :/


Great start, I must say! Detail down to roughness for a first render is a good attention to detail.


For subtle color shading, try this. Lots of possibilities to change hues, darkness, saturation.


Quote from: Dune on April 16, 2020, 01:51:06 amFor subtle color shading, try this. Lots of possibilities to change hues, darkness, saturation.
ah! i was about to ask if it would be smart to shade it with textures or go procedural, this is a huge exclamation mark for me at the moment in Terragen.

I suppose its not going to be good using textures in this case because the vertical wall and the ground would have different  UV set so the texture would be stretched, so just to be clear, do you guys always rely on procedural shading? or a mix of texture/procedural?

thanks dune i will try a render with this shading system!


this is with your setup untouched

and then i changed some colors and input an 8k sandstone texture mixed


That looks good. I would go procedural, because with image maps you easily get repetition, especially if it's quite defined and over a large area. But for a render where you have a piece of ground real close by, you could add a texture map (repeted, Y projection, and perhaps masked by PF or a soft simple shape) for front ground.


some fun with vornoi  :-X

this took quite a hit on rendertime lol


Looking good. I think you're getting the hang of this.


some sunset image, i guess u've seen bilions of these :D



well this needs some adjustments, took 1 hour and 10 minutes to render :D its noisy but i can remove that with camera raw fiter and it wont impact the quality that much

im rendering another image with the sun moved, just wanna say holy shit the quality of this software is unbelievable, i didnt expect.