Hello i am new, some questions.

Started by Nala1977, April 10, 2020, 06:00:29 am

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Very nice indeed. How are you defeating the sunspot glow in the clouds? Lol


Quote from: WAS on April 17, 2020, 09:41:07 pmVery nice indeed. How are you defeating the sunspot glow in the clouds? Lol
what do you mean?


Wow, this is one hell of a sunset!!! Great!


Echo others - these images are well done.


April 18, 2020, 07:09:19 am #34 Last Edit: April 18, 2020, 08:08:52 am by Nala1977
this is a bit noisy due to max quality on free edition i think, i raised atmosphere quality to 128, cloud voxel to 100 and raymarching quality to 1, but still is noisy :D

i'll try to remove that on cameraraw.

some noise reduction with PS

edit: i dont think i've ever seen anything like this kind of quality on atmosphere/clouds on rendering, im a bit stunned that this software does not have more visibility, or maybe it does but i dont know :)

huge applause to devs, its been years i didnt get blown away by CG quality.


Well, TG is famous for its clouds and atmo mainly, though I don't know how famous.


removed some noise in ps and a bit of bloom, i touched some parameter and i dont remember what i've done, but the sun bloom effect now is a bit too much :)

i have a question, i these renders i've noticed some random black spots on water waves, anyone have any clue what they might be? its just an add lake by default changing just the height to 2 or 3 sometimes.


Very nice sunset renders. The first one with the telephoto lens is stunning. Keep 'em coming!


Searching for older threads about subjects often reveals interesting discussions and solutions. Read here: about black spots on water


well i went and bought the Creative version, loving this software so much, thanks for developing this! hope i will get good at this :)


tryin to familiarize with population/obects and scattering on leaves :D


Okay! Your renders have turned into pure beauty. Hop over to Image Sharing section to post,  plenty of browsers go directly there and leave a comment or crit.....

We all look forward to unlimited power now... :)



April 21, 2020, 08:47:34 am #43 Last Edit: April 21, 2020, 09:20:06 am by Nala1977
bit of a problem here, i've imported a gaea tiff 32 bit, i have an issue where the heightfield from gaea is a bit weird, its like terragen is filling a blank space with terrain under the actual heightfield map.

anyone would know how to fix this? i tried asking Dax (gaea dev) about this but he said i'd have to fix it within terragen, because thats how Gaea is intended to workdisplace_Gaea.jpg

nevermind sorry, i fixed it by using the set height range highest value.


This shouldn't be how Gaea is intended to work, and Gaea has its exporting problems. Was your tile this offset in Gaea? You could try masking the heightfield area and use negative offset to bring it back down. Not sure if offset under displacement tab will do the trick.

Your height range looks correct to start at 0 altitude so not sure what's going on with that TIFF.