Population editing woes - fix needed

Started by N-drju, April 17, 2020, 05:10:58 AM

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There is something very, very annoying about the population editing option. In certain circumstances, it is a real pain to get the job done.

Many times over, I have noticed that object instances that are aligned with transform axes of populations or some of the shaders, are very hard to "grab" with the cursor. This, forces user to constantly switch back and forth from one camera to another, to look for a view that would allow to grab a required object. In some instances however, especially when an object perfectly aligns itself with an axis, it becomes utterly unselectable unless the obstruction gets removed.

A fix is, kindly, requested.

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You are right, it is sometimes hard to grab an instance with other axes in vicinity. I don't think that's easily solvable, so best is to turn off those objects.