Windows Update Insider 1903 (b18362.446)

Started by WAS, May 15, 2020, 12:28:04 AM

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Just got the latest insiders build, and Terragen doesn't launch. Just stays on the splash screen, if you click it in the task bar it will not respond and ask if you want to close or wait. Not sure what's going on. I'm rolling back.

Anyone have this build and any issues?


So rolling back I was able to launch TG no issue (didn't even need to repair) but the files I was trying to open manually by double clicking (wondering why TG wasn't launching) are all just blank. :\ I don't know what this is about. Only thing I can think of is like when I load one of my craters TGC how TG reformats the whole file, and failing in this step somehow.


I have no trouble with Terragen. The problem I had was that I was not able to open image files through the default viewer. :( Not sure if this is related. Rolling back has helped.
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