Pre-Render Background Hang with Classic Erosion

Started by WAS, May 17, 2020, 12:11:13 AM

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In TG 4.4.63, when I click render when Daniil's erosion plugin needs to re-calculate, it will recalculate, but then it won't do anything until I actually open the render window as an active window, than the pre-render will start popping up in all the tiles. Really strange. I noticed it twice and thought it was settings but now I've done disabled everything down to the erosion and notice it's not actually taking 20 minutes to get by the pre-render, it's just not even starting until I pull the window to be the active one.  After that, it start rendering as normal, quickly (considering mpd 0.6 aa 3)

Render window isn't open when I minimize TG, the erosion is processing. The render window is opening in the background while I'm in the browser or Eclipse.