Light defects on low orbit render

Started by Ricowan, January 01, 2007, 12:52:26 PM

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  I've been working on a planet for my renders, and thought I'd take a high-level shot to find interesting land forms.  Some really strange "spot light" effects showed themselves in the atmosphere.  The atmosphere only has some hgh-level clouds, haze turned way down, color tweaked a bit.

white spot:

pulling out further, red spots show up too: (the original 1920x1200 render is available if necessary)

the scene:

Rich Allen


Interesting results, rather more extreme than I've seen previously. This are quite possibly GI bugs. Try turning off global illumination and re-rendering. In general GI doesn't seem to have a positive effect on orbital renders anyway and probably just slows things down. Do let us know if that fixes it.

- Oshyan


Yup.  I disabled "Enviro Light" in my scene and the spotlights went away.