Are there any preset for all the types of clouds?

Started by MaliciousTable, July 01, 2020, 09:53:07 am

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I've seen Terragen 4 doesn't come with all the types of clouds. The Cloud Library thread and the Terragen Presets downloadable are fine, but they are not enough. Is there any place where I can get all the cloud types? I guess you can tweak a generic cloud layer to get all the types of clouds, but I don't know how to start. Any tips?

Thank you.


I can tell you how I started. You may find it useful to first use a simple shape shader and mask your cloud layer with that. This will reduce the amount of clouds so instead of an entire cloud carpet, you will have an easily controllable circle / oval coverage.

Once there, try to use the simple shape shader as a depth modulator. Tweak the "centre" slider and see what happens.

Why, you can even use the (slow) shader array to create a repeating cloud pattern, which is best used for thin, wavy cloud types.
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These have been questions we have been asking ourselves for a long time. How to do clouds we see in nature.. unfortunately TG doesn't have any sculpting tools so it's more down to procedural maths.


Well, Terragen is a toolbox, there are no ready-made terrains either, so you'd have to experiment and use the fractals to get what you want indeed. In the cloud nodes you can set altitudes, thickness, hardness, coverage, mask locally, and in the power fractals or density fractal you can alter the noise in a lot of ways, combine noises, mask combined noises by altitude or 'strength' of the greys in the fractal, stretch them, warp them, etc...
Welcome to the forum, btw, and I hope you can find your way. There is a cloud library that may help you out to get an idea how to work on clouds.